The Reading Station

The Reading Station

7313 International Place
Suite 90
Lakewood Ranch, Fl 34240

Phone: 941 361-1173
Fax: 941 361-1174

Over 7 Years of Service

For over 7 years our family has served hundreds of families in the Manatee and Sarasota areas just like yours.

Our Mission:

To empower students with learning differences to meet their full potential in school and in life, while educating parents on the best ways to advocate for their child.

“The Reading Station Difference”

By providing proven interventions through our fun, yes fun multi-sensory techniques taught by a dedicated and compassionate teacher, we empower struggling learners to reach their true potential. Leave those endless nights of homework behind you. Let your student become the bright and talented child you know they are!

Call us today to speak with our family coordinator and discuss how “The Reading Station Difference” can help your family be a success at school this year!