The Reading Station

The Reading Station

7313 International Place
Suite 90
Lakewood Ranch, Fl 34240

Phone: 941 361-1173
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Individual Attention

Each teacher is focused on only one thing during the tutoring session- helping your child achieve. We don’t move around from student to student providing worksheets. Individual attention means that we spend the entire session providing one-to-one instruction. This direct instruction is critical to our students’ success.

Learning Environment

We offer a quiet environment for our students to work in. Individual tutoring rooms are available for students who need them. This helps our students to focus and be free of the distractions of other students. Our learning environment gives students the opportunity to focus and do their best.


Have you ever shot baskets to spell a word? Used shaving cream to practice writing? Our students know that reading can be fun. By creating enjoyable activities our students enjoy learning new reading skills.

Multi-sensory activities

By actively engaging in learning activities we are able to address the needs of students with various learning styles. Even simple multi-sensory activities such as “finger tapping”, spelling basketball and phonemic matching often make a big difference in teaching new concepts.

Research-Backed Programs

We believe that reading success starts with using a quality curriculum. Unlike many other tutoring companies, we want you to know the name of the programs we use, and why we use them. The Florida Center for Reading Research ( has developed reports for a number or reading intervention programs. While F.C.R.R. does not endorse any one program, their reports review the current research and discuss whether programs are well aligned with the findings of the National Reading Panel.