The Reading Station

The Reading Station

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Most of us have been taught math by repetitive drill and worksheets. Understanding was not emphasized, instead rote memorization was encouraged. Math U See believes it is essential for a student to memorize basic facts and formulas, and we feel it is equally important that students learn concepts and applications.

Math·U·See has student texts and hands-on manipulatives. Together, students learn how to perform math operations and understand the concepts so they can build their skills. In tutoring sessions we often work with students in the textbooks that are being used in their current class. This may be helpful in insuring that skills are taught using the same sequence. This also helps students to perform well in class, and obtain better grades in math. Students work 1:1 with the same tutor each session. Unlike many other programs which utilize worksheets and a roving teacher, our students receive the individual attention they deserve.